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Peace of mind and a powerful set of clock and data management tools


Extended Warrenty

When you subscribe to GTProtect, you will take advantage of our extended hardware guarantee. We will provide a brand-new, latest-generation device to replace any terminal that develops a fault. This removes any doubt over ongoing timeclock costs and future proofs your hardware offering to your client.

Technical Support

Whether you have a simple query or need to activate our real-time remote diagnostic tools, we’ve got you covered. Always here when you need us and just a telephone call or email away.


Device Management

Remote terminal connection provides the ability to diagnose, patch, recover and update devices without having to physically be at the timeclock, thus minimizing downtime and cost.

Remote global estate management allows devices to be managed individually, or in groups, ensuring any changes required are pushed across the right timeclocks, in real-time, over the air.

Data Management

Our Clock to Cloud middleware provides the perfect integration to ensure any data captured at the device is passed seamlessly in the correct format for any HCM solutions provider’s application and vice versa.

Identity Management

Personally Identifiable Information (or what we call People Data) is any information that can be used to identify a specific individual, moreover, to distinguish one individual from another. This naturally includes all biometric data but also includes PIN numbers and proximity / bar-code / mag-stripe cards.

We believe this People Data should be encrypted and protected, whether that data is at rest or in transit. From the moment it leaves the person who it identifies, and is captured on a device, it should be safe. It should be secure. We include this ‘safe and secure’ methodology in our GTConnect offering, where all our edge devices are monitored in real-time, in a highly secure environment.

The GTConnect platform provides compliance with all US and overseas regulations and legislation through features such a recording consent of PII enrolment, encrypted storage, and transmission of PII. We also provide the tools to both facilitate information requests and erase of unwanted PII.

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