Making advanced data and device management simple

Centralized Data & Device Management

GTConnect is a cloud-based service that helps you manage your devices and data more efficiently. It allows you to create a unified network that enables remote real-time diagnostics and data management across all connected devices.

This service will enhance your Workforce Management processes, reducing both development and operational costs while providing total peace of mind regarding data security. 

With GTConnect, you’ll have access to advanced analytics and information to boost your productivity and performance.

Remote Management

Data Push-and-Pull

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Minimize Downtime

Real-time Data Distribution

Automatic Back Up

Why GTConnect?

Seamless Management

Remote Device Management

Manage your networked devices in one place to keep them up-to-date and secure with a single click.

About Remote Device Management 

Easily manage all of your networked GT Clocks timeclocks, including:

  • Remote applications updates
  • Remote firmware and configuration file updates
  • View the status of each connected device
  • Grouped devices updates
Identity Management

Biometric and personal data are automatically securely backed up and distributed across networked devices to ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.

About Identity Management 

Biometric and personal data, including PINs, card numbers, or preferences, can be securely and automatically managed, distributed, and backed up across networked GT Clocks devices. This functionality helps ensure compliance with data protection and privacy laws. Additionally, it empowers your HCM software to effectively utilize Personal Identifiable Information (PII), such as biometrics, optimizing both the device’s performance and your software’s functionality.

  • Create groups for real-time distribution of data to all devices
  • Apply and manage your own data ‘consent’ and ‘retention’ policies
  • Secure storage and backup of all enrolled data
System Management

Automated backup and recovery services guarantee that your data remains consistently secure, always accessible, and automatically backed up in the cloud. This provides unmatched protection, effectively de-risking the potential threat of data loss.

About System Management

Leading data backup and recovery services ensure data is always secure, always available and automatically backed up in the cloud, providing peace of mind.

  • Robust disaster recovery backups for all your data.
  • Maximize uptime and eliminate downtime with high-availability solutions.
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing IT systems using single sign-on.
  • Compliance with data sovereignty requirements through region-specific hosting.
Data Management

Streamline integrations from GT Clocks devices to your HCM software using our ‘cloud-to-cloud’ middleware platform, cutting down on development expenses. Communications are then transmitted through a single connection, minimizing your operational costs.

About Data Management

Cloud-to-cloud integrations mean device to software comms are simplified, streamlining the process and reducing operational costs.

  • Real-time transaction forwarding between device and software
  • Automated import and distribution of employee data to connected devices
  • Automated import and distribution of configuration data to support the operation of connected devices
Remote Device Diagnostics

The GT Clocks cloud diagnostic platform minimizes the disruption of troubleshooting. The advanced tools limit the need for engineer visits, reducing downtime and improving service delivery.

About Remote Diagnostics

With remote diagnostics, you can deliver a faster service with less time demand. The cloud platform allows you to:

  • Remotely view log files
  • Remotely view and control your connected devices
  • Remote back-up and restore your connected devices
Platform Technical Support

GTConnect gives you priority technical support directly from the manufacturer with guaranteed response and resolution times.

GTConnect Datasheet