Industry Solutions

GT Clocks offers human capital management solutions applicable across diverse industry sectors, always ensuring the delivery of safe and secure environments.


From supermarkets to shopping malls

To succeed in the fast-paced retail industry, you need solutions that can keep up with your demands and provide the necessary insights to help you stay ahead. Our powerful time clocks are specifically designed to tackle even the toughest challenges, from complex payroll issues to compliance management. Trust our solutions to take care of your employees and help your business thrive.

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Retail case studies

Arial image of Thetford's commercial unit

Thetford Stays On Track

Thetford has been able to greatly improve its human capital management processes with the introduction of a time and attendance & access control system


From doctor's offices to hospitals

The healthcare industry needs nothing but highly reliable solutions that are easily adaptable to the daily demands of a healthcare setting. Through the utilization of our solutions, you can streamline processes, reduce administrative burdens, and deliver resolutions that make a real difference in the lives of busy healthcare professionals.

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Healthcare case studies


From colleges to universities

Educational environments present distinct challenges, with an emphasis on usability and risk mitigation. GT Clocks has experience working with educational institutions all over the world, automating their HR processes, ensuring compliance, reducing costs, and fostering efficient talent management while also offering data security and workforce planning capabilities.

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Education case studies


From office blocks to warehouses

We understand that commercial environments can vary widely, but our adaptable solutions are designed to cater to your specific needs. Whether it's a bustling office or a busy warehouse, GT Clocks can provide the tools and technology to ensure smooth operations. Our streamlined HR features empower your team with self-service functionality, making it easy for everyone to manage their time and tasks efficiently. Plus, our system allows you to have better control over labor costs, helping you make informed decisions and optimize your resources.

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Commercial case studies


From production plants to factories

In the industrial sector, where security and time management are paramount, our HCM solutions offer a collaborative system for efficient asset and workforce management. We offer real-time insights, streamlined HR processes, and assured compliance to optimize productivity and security in even the most demanding industrial environments.

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Industrial case studies

Arial shot of large commercial unit

Delivering a Robust Solution for ERMCO ECI

An upgrade to HCM terminals from Grosvenor Technology increased productivity and prevented buddy punching