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Services designed to enhance your assets and maximize your investment

Enhanced Capabilities with Total Peace of Mind

Our subscription-based services mean that for one low-cost monthly payment, your device or devices are protected and supported for the duration of their lifetime. It’s a smart way to reduce your total cost of ownership while benefitting from priority support.
GT Services delivers top-tier end-to-end technical support and grants access to our remote data and device management platform. 

Reduced Cost Of Ownership

Increased Efficiency

Minimized Disruption

De-Risk Your Business


GTConnect is a revolution in device management. Integrate your devices into a single network for real-time remote diagnostics and data management


De-Risk with 
Unified Control

GTConnect utilizes the cloud to provide an ecosystem that simplifies your data and device management and ensures compliance with data and privacy regulations. GTConnect provides a reassuring element to your workforce management process.


GTProtect ensures you always have a working solution and priority access to our support desk.


Maximize Your Investment

GTProtect offers an enhanced warranty for the lifecycle of a device, providing you with complete peace of mind. This warranty ensures that a like-for-like replacement will be shipped where it’s needed the next working day.