Supporting the Workforce returning to work – Touchless Clocking from GTClocks

In this pandemic, employers want to provide the safest workplace possible for their employees, minimising potential cross-infection. Your HCM solution is a key component in making this a reality. We can assist you in deploying touchless solutions to your customers.        

We know employers are being challenged specifically with reducing exposure on multi-use surfaces like doorknobs, shared work areas, and even timeclocks. Interacting with a timeclock often involves employees physically contacting the devices, pressing their fingers or hands and using swipe-card readers when authenticating to log time and attendance.

Facial Recognition with anti-spoofing: options available to deploy now. To learn more view our case study video in which Asure Software discuss their collaboration with GT Clocks and the successful implementation of Facial Recognition.

Proximity: All our employee engagement timeclocks have a proximity card interface as standard. Modules are easy to retrofit.

Create a safe workplace: without sacrificing the bottom line. These features are already available from GT Clocks, as we continue to explore the latest market trends and demands.

Go Touchless: contact us now to discuss how we can further assist you.

We can support you in making your timeclocks touchless.

To use Facial Recognition we have Clocks, apps and services to give you that functionality rapidly and effectively.