Paycor & GT Clocks: A Winning Formula for Workplace Efficiency

As a market leader in HCM software, Paycor needed a hardware partner that would match their quality and commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Ben Lagden - Commercial Director of Grosvenor Technology

Ben Lagden

VP Commercial

As a leader in HCM software, Paycor needed a hardware partner that would meet their high standards and dedication to providing an exceptional customer experience. GT Clocks proved that they could not only deliver durable terminals but also offer a complete solution in their GT Services offering, as well as customized development that seamlessly integrated with Paycor’s platform.

We spoke with Paycor Product Manager David Goodwin to learn why they chose GT Clocks as their hardware provider:

“GT Services has been invaluable in its ability to remotely connect to our clients’ clocks and diagnose any issues. We have clients throughout the country, so sending technicians to troubleshoot problems is not always feasible. Now, we can resolve any issues more efficiently and with less disruption to our customers’ operations.

There are often times when the HR team or administrators are unfamiliar with the technology, so for technical tasks like configuring a clock, we simply have them connect it to their network and enable Assist IT, and we handle the rest.

As for work orders, we have been able to resolve the majority remotely by retrieving logs and diagnostics and reviewing the settings on the clock. Our clients appreciate not having to wait for an on-site visit to fix a problem. They can continue with their day while we investigate the issue without interfering with their workflow.

With the support, if there’s a bug or issue that we [Paycor] can’t resolve ourselves, the GT team can step in and analyze the clock to provide a diagnosis.

One of the best aspects of GT’s support is their prompt reaction to bugs we identify in the software. For instance, we experienced an issue with our GT4 clocks where they would crash and lose connection to our IoT hub. The GT team promptly identified the issue and passed it on to the development team. The development team quickly found the code causing the problem, fixed it and released a new version.

We have also found it valuable that the GT team is willing to collaborate with our clients directly when necessary. We have even sent badges for their experts to decipher their bitstreams, which allows us to view them as a true partner rather than a mere vendor.

In addition to problem-solving, GT Services enables us to provide customized configurations for our clients. We have a user interface that allows our clients to control which function keys are assigned to their clocks, punch functions, and transfers. However, if a client needs a slightly different configuration to read a unique badge format or remove the numbers from the front of the clock, we can use GT Services to modify their individual clock. This flexibility is not available with our other vendors, and it allows us to serve our clients more effectively by addressing their specific requirements.

The GT Clocks team is an exceptional partner. The collaboration and communication throughout the development of our software were outstanding.

We chose GT Clocks because their hardware is robust and reliable. We can depend on the quality and the way it integrates with our system. The team also built a custom solution based on our preferences. For example, the clocks were originally not designed to connect through an IoT hub, but we felt that an IoT hub was the most efficient way for our clocks to communicate and share data. GT Clocks brought forward that capability by almost a year, and it has been a success.

If you are seeking an HCM partner, contact a GT Clocks representative today to explore how we can support your business and its customers.