Custom Clocks

Tailored design and build services, for when ‘standard’ just isn’t enough.

Have it your way…

All our time clocks are built on a modular basis, so whether you want to use a ‘smart’ proximity card, a fingerprint biometric device, or a traditional keypad, we’ve got you covered.

Sometimes though, ‘standard’ just isn’t enough. Although our ‘off the shelf’ hardware is chosen by most of our partners, for those that want a custom design or have specific requirements, we offer a full design and build service.

Typically chosen by large HCM partners looking for differentiation in the market, our Design Services allows you to tailor hardware specifically to your requirements. We also provide a variety of branding options to tailor devices specifically for larger end clients, where their logo, name or colors can be integrated into the time clock.

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We think about the impact both to our customers, as well as to their employees, of rather than having a utilitarian device on the wall, having something that instead reflects their brand and has a bit more character to it. The customised inlays GT Clocks produce have been things that right away have lit people’s eyes up.

Jon Olson
Director of Product Management, Workforce Software