The Modern Benefits of Workforce Management Devices

“This is so much of our added value” – Ben Lagden, VP of Product – GTClocks.

At GTClocks, we design Workforce Management devices with a focus on data protection and modern functionality. In recent times, We have taken large steps to bring massive value to our partners in the product and systems we offer. We have also recognised the need for advanced functionality in ‘Time Clock’ devices, functionality that creates a slick end-user experience and efficiencies in business.

In a recent Podcast with HRGazette, our Chief Technology Officer, Colin Leatherbarrow, said:

“Specifically, over the last five years, we have been through a revolution, moving from a classic hardware manufacturer to a software, cloud, and systems provider [..] GTClocks offer contemporary scalable solutions on par with those offered by our partners.”

In this Podcast, Ben and Colin examine how our technology offers an outstanding solution to modern workforce management challenges. They also talk about how we have evolved, our facial recognition and biometric features, and our fully secure cloud computing.

Take a listen here: